Rep. Ricardo Rangel, R-Kissimmee, co-sponsored HB 7015, also known as the Florida GI Bill, which is the first bill to be passed out of the Florida House of Representatives in the 2014 Legislative

Session. Some of the bill provisions include: increasing educational benefits by granting in-state tuition for veterans and enhancing employment opportunities for veterans and National Guard members, by enabling private companies to create a veterans hiring preference. In addition, the bill allows for funds to expand and upgrade military bases in Florida, as well as purchasing land to buffer existing military facilities.

“As a veteran, I am personally aware of the difficulties many of our service men and women have transitioning from military to civilian life,” said Rangel. “I am honored to have the opportunity to co-sponsor legislation that supports our service personnel and expands opportunities for their success while strengthening Florida’s commitment to our state and national defense.”