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  • Ricardo followed in the footsteps of his father and enlisted in the U.S. Army. Ricardo was honorably discharged as a Sergeant after serving twelve years


  • Ricardo is no stranger to public service. After the Army, Ricardo has continued his focus on public service. He has been involved in many community events


  • Just weeks of being in office Ricardo Rangel, jumps right in to learn his district. He takes a tour of the Kissimmee Utility Authority to see how they run their operation. 


News Articles

  • Sunshine News

    Osceola County's only Democratic state representative is also one of that party's rising young stars. A self-styled "moderate," he says what Florida needs is legislators who will leave their Rs and Ds at the door, to do what's best for the Sunshine State. Freshman Rep. Ricardo Rangel, D-Kissimmee, is an Army veteran, just like his father.

  • My FOX Orlando

    "I know it would eliminate a lot of minorities from receiving the scholarship," said Rep. Ricardo Rangel, D-Kissimmee. Rep. Rangel said the changes will disproportionately affect students of color and those from low income families. Rangel has proposed a bill that would roll back requirements to previously accepted levels. 

  • Miami Herald

    In response, Rep. Ricardo Rangel and Sen. Geraldine Thompson, both Democrats, filed HB 387 and SB 526, which would maintain the standards as they are. But the proposals’ chances of moving are slim. Neither bill has been scheduled for a hearing, and nearly all of the education committees have stopped meeting.

  • Tampa Tribune

    State Rep. Ricardo Rangel, a Kissimmee Democrat, introduced a bill in the current legislative session that would put a hold on the 2011 changes to Bright Futures. It would replace the test-score threshold with a sliding formula using standardized test scores and grade point average to measure student performance over all four years of high school.